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Wit & Wire Client Application: The Signature Course Launch

In this done-together package, we’ll partner to strategically plan, price, build, and launch a new signature course for your business. 

As your launch partner, I’ll oversee the timeline and working sessions to help you package and produce a professional-quality course that adds meaningful revenue to your business.

Here's how it works:

The Process

We’ll meet via Zoom for a series of co-working sessions. We’ll start with a Strategic Kickoff Call to brainstorm your course concept and big-picture business goals.

From there, each call will be focused on one of our clear deliverable docs, paced to suit your personal course launch timeline.

Key Deliverables

During our Zoom working sessions, we’ll co-create these specific deliverables:

📝 Course Overview Doc, which includes the course name, price point, elevator pitch, timeline, and all other essential pieces of the offer. This is also where we’ll explore the right endpoint (scope) for your course.

📝 Curriculum Outline, which breaks the course into sections and individual lessons. We’ll consider best practices from Adult Learning Theory to increase your completion rate, as well as resources (ex: downloadables, checklists) to elevate the learning experience and boost supplemental income from recommended products.

🛠 Tech Recommendations, including not only guidance on which course creation platform suits your business, but also supplemental growth tools I’d recommend based on your business needs and growth goals.

💻 Sales Page Wireframe, which maps out the exact sections I recommend for your course sales page so you can write a high-converting sales page to share with your audience.

💻 Pre-Launch Audit, where I’ll personally review the course and sales page before launch to offer any suggestions to increase conversion (or decrease potential support questions).

📅 Course Launch Calendar, which details the exact dates, post types, and CTAs to share across all of your marketing channels to release your new course. This offer is usually unique, so we’ll talk about ways to add authentic urgency for your first buyers.

✉️ Email List Implementation Plan, including specific recommendations to start building an email list from your existing audience so you can sell your course strategically long-term and deepen relationships with your hottest subscribers.

📝 Course Growth Plan, which looks ahead to the future (beyond the initial launch) to clearly map out the long-term strategy to consistently convert leads into buyers using evergreen marketing strategies. (This is the transition plan that marks the end of our project together.)


Importantly, this package doesn’t include any video creation or copywriting. (For example, I don’t include video scripting, recording, or editing, nor do I write sales pages, emails, or social posts.) I'm happy to recommend contractors if needed.


For this package, we look for businesses that meet at least one of these criteria:
- 2,500 - 5,000+ email subscribers
- 5,000+ YouTube subscribers
- 10,000+ social media followers (any platform)
Here's why. We want to make sure that your money is well spent, and in our experience, these rough guidelines offer a minimum threshold for us to feel confident that we can offer a meaningful ROI on the investment.
That said, there are always exceptions, and if you have a strong network or conviction about your ability to sell, I'd still welcome you to apply.


The Signature Course Launch Package is $15,000 and I’m happy to split it as a payment plan over 3 months or 6 months. (There’s no markup on the payment plan; it’s evenly split.)

Next Steps

To get started, the first step is to submit a no-obligation application. This gives us the chance to learn more about you and your business needs so we can make sure we'd be a mutual fit to work together.
After submission, we’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days with next steps (often a 15-minute call with Melissa) or further recommendations.