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Wit & Wire Affiliate Application

At Wit & Wire, we believe that success stories and genuine referrals are the two of the most powerful marketing strategies a business can have.
That’s why if you’re a Wit & Wire student or client, or a pre-approved collaboration partner, we’d love to invite you to become a Wit & Wire Affiliate Partner, which gives you the opportunity to earn referral bonuses for new student enrollments and client purchases.

How the program works

At Wit & Wire, we sell online courses and services to help everyday experts become profitable course creators. Our affiliates earn bonuses by referring new students to our programs or services. (For example, affiliates earn $200 for any new students who join our signature program, Course Builders.)

If your application is approved, we'll provide you with unique affiliate tracking links to share with personal referrals or with your audience. You can also earn referrals for new students who include your name in their onboarding form (if submitted within 7 days of their enrollment).

Affiliate program pre-requisites

In order to join the Wit & Wire affiliate program, you must meet at least one of these criteria:

✔️ You're a Wit & Wire student or client in good standing

✔️ You've interviewed Melissa (ex: podcast, YouTube) or we've collaborated on a partnership.

✔️ You serve a sizeable audience of online business owners or creators and want a proven set of resources to recommend to your audience.

If you don't fit any of these criteria but you still believe you’d be a good fit for our Affiliate Program, you’re welcome to submit an application with more detail.

We reserve the right to decline any applications for any reason.